Software Instructor

Since 2005, I have taught creative software classes for groups including, UNC, Emirates, Holler Technologies, several major periodicals including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Oregonian, U.S. News & World Report and more, as well as the US Air Force, US Marines, and US Coast Guard.

I offer software training in Adobe applications including Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Captivate, Photoshop, Animate, and InDesign. I also offer training in Autodesk Fusion 360.

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Laser Steve

If you own a CO2 laser and live in or around the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, I can test, align, diagnose, and/or maintain your machine. I am the Laser Shop Lead at, the largest makerspace in the southeast US. I have several years experience with Ruida-based machines and Trocen-AWC-based machines. I’ve maintained generic machines as well as BossLaser and ThunderLaser machines, and I’ve also got experience with Omtech.

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Don’t just organize your game. Don’t just protect your game. Display it. Showcase it. Make it unique. Turn your tabletop game into an object of envy.

Comics Inker

Since 2000 I’ve worked as a professional comics inker for DC/Vertigo and other publishers on books including Detective Comics, Robin, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Hunter: Age of Magic, Hard Time, Outsiders, and Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, among others.

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Marvel Reread Club

Steve and his brother Matt talk about the Marvel Comics comic books they grew up reading. Steve has been a comics pro since 2000 and Matt is the author of “The Secrets of Story: Innovative Tools for Perfecting Your Fiction and Captivating Readers.” They’re eighties kids who grew up reading Marvel comics and they like to talk about ‘em!